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H1 Transfer

Looking for a better opportunity & want to get paid what you are worth?

Inquire about our active job opportunities & marketing capabilities for your skill set & find the job of your dreams to take you to the next level in your career!

Why Skymax Staffing? Here is the answer

  • Training provided in all stages till the consultant is settled in his project if needed.
  • Technical & Non Technical lT Training for all valid OPT EAD, Visa Transfer to SkyMax employees.
  • Percentage/Hourly salary from the first day of the project.
  • Free H1B sponsored any time during the project.
  • Green Card process immediate if needed.
  • We work with our direct clients and Prime/Tier one vendors for better bill rates.
  • Transparency in the Bill rates and will show the PO if required.
  • Excellent and cooperative Marketing Team with years of experience working with top quality vendors.
  • Employee referral programs available to make extra money.
  • Help at every stage will provided from training till the consultant gets settled in the project.

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